So, as expected from a few Bhatti veterans, we did get the ‘we love you for giving us more’ love for having introduced the 135 mile category 🙂 Until the previous year, the longest one could run at Bhatti (on the race day) was 100 miles. There truly must be something about Bhatti; the lakes, the weather, midnight moonlit trail, far off sounds of the wildlife, and silence when alone on the trail. No one really seems to remember the heat, dehydration, thorns, rocks, and gorges long enough to remember the pain and suffering that only this trail can inflict in just one out and back distance.

So here is to our runners who nImageever fail to surprise us with their desire to run longer, stronger, and aim to qualify for some of the tough races across the shores, some among them being Badwater Ultramarathon and UTMB.

This year we have some Bhatti veterans coming back to crew/pace and volunteer. This truly is a sign of a maturing endurance community where experienced runners support/crew/pace their fellow runners. Globeracers is glad to be part of this awesome community of endurance runners and witness its growth from the front lines. Running, as much as it is an individual sport, it is a great community and camaraderie builder.

Also, here is the second article written by Madhusmita Jena, our consultant nutritionist and trainer: Knowing more about your body is just as important as training and tuning it to perform. It actually is the first step to an active and healthy life. Know more and do more.

Come to the run if you are around the Delhi area from October 25 to 27, 2013 and cheer the runners as they make literal history by running 135 miles within the specified 45 hours cut-off time, running through two nights and two days, with only short unscheduled breaks to rest and re-energize. Want to know more? Write to us at Subscribe to our blog posts on our website.