Vegan, fruitarian and health-arian :)

We know there is no ‘health-arain’ in the dictionary, but we just thought it would be cool to rhyme it with the various terms defining your food preferences and diet restrictions 🙂 What do you know about food, exercise and not-dying so young of illnesses brought on by our very own lack of attention to our body and mind? Its actually simple, made complex by our preference of diet, opting out of activity as children and drive and desire for cosmetic cover-up.

My sisters advice me sometimes to stay indoors and protect my aging skin. That’s a choice of course, and I choose to let my skin age naturally, wear the blemishes proudly and consider my health a glowing medallion I wear in place of diamonds and rubies. I do not remember the last time I purchased foundation, but remember very vividly the number of times I searched for the right pair of shorts and socks for my next long run! That can be extreme, may be, but speaks for the choice of wear, gear and what helps me glow.

Enough said about choices. This post is to introduce Madhusimta Jena, an accomplished Ultra runner, a practical and certified nutrionist and trainer. When she is not busy running hundreds of kilometers as a warm up, she is sharing her experiences and knowledge with Egypt Golds Gym members, as a nutritionist. Her first ultra marathon, a multi-day Thar Ultra organized by Globeracers was a revelation for the organizers, providing a glimpse in to this talented runner’s vivacious and contagious personality. She went on to complete 210 kms in 5 days, running from Pokaran towards Jodhpur. Her successful 50km Bangalore Ultra, 100kms Pharaonic run in Egypt and multiple marathons across Europe and Middle-East are a case in point, with each proving to be a highlight in her running career.

Her passion for a healthy lifestyle was slowly but steadily nurtured through a gradual transitioning, where she shed around 15kgs that she gained through her university years. It was a conscious and focussed transition, which was propelled by her instant love of running and a firm resolve to adhere to ‘eating right’.

She continues to inspire many around the world with her passionate performances, her lifestyle and living by example. Can you tell we are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with her? 🙂 Madhusmita will be contributing to our new Nutrition column, twice a month, and will be open to consultation.

You can write to us here to ask her questions or comment on this post to ask her any nutrition and training related questions.

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