TEAM GLOBERACERS is a team of amateur pro U-23 riders coming together from the best talent in the country, with national medal winners, the best rider from India in 2013 Tour de India, and amazing athletes whose aim is stand tall among Indian riders and gain momentum to rise to the level of international athletes through productive, sustained and technical training. The team aims to partner with equipment sponsors, training sponsors and technical and logistics managers for a sustained growth program, results and lead India’s entry in to International circuits and Olympics. The team thrives on its cohesive working structure and performance in the field, fielding its strengths and noting and improving on team’s and individual weaker areas of performance.

Team Globeracers is a versatile team with both road and MTB racers in the U23 category. MTB riders have had success through wins at the national level, international circuits and club racing, proudly representing Globeracers. Below are a few visuals from various races.

Road racers: 

  1. Abhinandan Bhosale
  2. Asif Attar
  3. Ganesh Pawar
  4. Kavitha Kanaparthi
  5. Manender Balhara
  6. Raman Garimella
  7. Samim Rizvi
  8. Santosh Mane
  9. Shahid Jamadar
  10. Shivraj Malligewad

Mountain bikers:

  1. Gautam Taode, India’s best Extreme dirt, mountain bike and downhill racer.
  2. Shivraj Malligewad: Karnataka State Sliver medalist in 2013, MTB Championships.
  3. Ganesh Pawar – Maharastra State Championships Gold medalist in 2013, MTB Championships.


Abhinandan Bhosale:

Abhinandan Bhosale, with his ability perform both on track and road, he represents the state of Maharastra and has several national wins to him name, the most recent being Silver in Track National Championships in January 2013. Won Bronze in Track Nationals held at Manipur in December 2013. Judged best Indian rider in the recently concluded Tour de India in December 2013. A much talented rider and aims to be one among the first to be chosen to Continental teams from the country, and race in UCI international races.

Classification Race Type Standing
Open Tour de India, 2014, Jaipur Mass Start Bronze
Open Tour de India, 2014 Over all Best Road Rider in India
U-19 National Road Race, Patna, 2011 ITT Silver
U-19 National Road Race, Patna, 2011 TTT Bronze
U-19 National Road Race, Pune, 2012 ITT Gold
U-19 National Road Race, Pune, 2012 TTT Gold
U-19 Track Championship, Punjab, 2012 Track Pursuit Bronze
Open All India University, 2012 Mass Start Bronze
Open All India University, 2013 Elimination Race Silver
U-23 All India University, 2013 Mass Start Silver
U-23 Track National Championship, Manipur 2013 Mass Start Bronze

Asif Attar:

A 19-year old with a will to make his mark in the international cycling world, he shows his strength on and off the saddle. A national cyclist, with winning races behind him, is training now to compete internationally. Part of the team’s contingent at Tour de India 2013. Currently trains with a US Pro cycling team coach, under the Peaks Coaching training program, and aims to ride with the US team and race internationally.

Classification Race Type Standing
U-19 National Track Cycling Championship, Amritsar, 2012 Track Point Race Bronze
U-19 National Road Cycling Championship, Pune, 2011 TTT Bronze
U-19 State Road Cycling Championship, Belgaum, 2012 ITT Gold
U-19 State Road Cycling Championship, Belgaum, 2012 Criterium Silver
U-19 State Road Cycling Championship, Belgaum, 2012 Mass Start Silver
U-23 State Cycling Championship, Gadag, 2013 Point Race Silver
U-23 State Track Cycling Championships, Bijapur, 2014 ITT Silver
U-23 State Track Cycling Championships, Bijapur, 2014 Mass Start Bronze
U-19 Chennai Cyclothon Criterium Bronze

Manender Balhara: 

A talented U-23 rider, with more ITT wins to his name than many others in the country. He currently trains with a qualified coach in the Peaks Coaching Group training program and aims to be the best ITT rider in the country and race internationally.

U-23 Road Race, Rohtak, October 2013 ITT Gold
U-15 Road Race, Trichy, Tamil Nadu MassStart Gold
U-15 Road Race, Trichy, Tamil Nadu ITT Gold
U-17 Road Race, Bijapur, Karnataka ITT Silver
U-17 Track Championship, Patiala, Punjab TeamPursuit Silver
U-19 Track Championships, Patiala, Punjab TTT Silver
U-19 Road Championships, Patna, Bihar ITT Gold
U-19 Road Championships, Patna, Bihar TTT Bronze
U-19 Road Championships, Pune, Maharastra ITT Bronze
U-19 Road Championships, Pune, Maharastra TTT Gold

 Ganesh Pawar:

U-15 Road Race, Jamkhadi, Karnataka MassStart Silver
U-17 School Nationals, Pune, Maharastra ITT Gold
U-17 School Nationals, Haryana MassStart Silver
U-19 Road Race, Patna, Bihar TTT Bronze
U-19 Road Race, Pune, Maharastra TTT Gold
U-19 Track Championships, Amritsar TeamSprint Bronze

Gautam Toade:

Skill: Extreme Downhill rider

High points: 8th in 1st extreme downhill MTB Championships in Nepal

First in Bangalore Extreme Downhill race

A young extreme downhill rider with many credits to his name. A Mass Communications major on the way while he masters racing techniques and hones his skills on the hills of Pune. His passions run deep and every race he enters takes him one step closer to the races in Asia that are every downhill racer’s destination.

A few other milestones in his racing career.

  • 2007 – Club Solaris (Pune) BMXTB  National Championship MTB(Experts)- Winner.
  • 2008 – Supervisor of the 1st mountain bike park built in India (Ooty boat house) for  T.I. cycles, Murgappa Group.
  • 2009 – Chandigarh  Crank Extreme Dirt Fest.
  • Bengaluru Cyclothon 2009 Longest Jump – Winner.
  • Highest Bunny Hop – 1st Runners Up.
  • Mumbai Hangfive Fest.
  • 1st extreme downhill MTB Championship  (Nepal) – 8th position.


 Samim Rizvi: 

The first RAAM qualified rider and RAAM participant from India and third in Asia, the only UMCA ranked rider from India, and the best endurance rider the country has produced, with a skill to burn up the road in Individual Time Trial, making it a unique combination of endurance and speed.

He holds the record for 701kms in 24 hours in India, yet to be even closely matched, has participate in Race Across America three years in a row and has bagged enough medals in club races along with being a marshal arts expert and coach to the team.

Raman Garimella:

Raman represents state of Andhra and has few well earned finishes to his name, a few among them being Hyderabad MTB races; Silver, criterium race; Silver, Chennai ITT; bronze, and Bangalore duathlon; bronze