Imagine running 100 miles in 16 hours 33 minute and 11 seconds. As if that performance is not good enough to make, the ultra runner who can claim this time, Neal Gorman, is a 2010 Grand Slam record holder. For those uninitiated in to the ultrarunning world, the Grand Slam of the US ultra running constitutes of running Vermont, Western States, Leadville and Wasatch, all 100 mile races!  But, it will do his true ultrarunning spirit grave injustice if we didn’t mention his humility in recongnizing a fellow legend’s grand slams, literal and metaphorical.

At Globeracers, we are always reading about, learning from and running with those who inspire us, who set the stage for some true blue ultra running, and create a great atmosphere for those who are looking to set the course on fire or simply touch down at the finish line in their own humble time. We are glad to chance upon this ultra running legend, Tom Green, who is one of the first ultrarunners to have hit the trails with a pure love for ultras.

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Allow us also to share what Tom Green will appreciate once he is back on the trails. Please read about it here and do the best you can to support his recovery: