If you thought sipping water throughout your run is just what you need, you may be right. How, when, and what are a few things we all want answered when we are faced with issues that crop up during training runs in the form of cramps, stiff and sore muscles, fatigue, vomiting, and total inability to get back on our two feet a few days after a race. Madhusmita Jena, our consultant nutritionist goes about answering some of these questions practically and from experience. There is more to what we take for granted on our every day runs and races. Water sustains life and is key to a healthy training regimen, racing and all other sports activities.

With a good number of runners taking to endurance running, with fewer experienced athletes to guide, the article,  Water and the Athlete, is a recommended read.

Follow this link: http://globeracers.com/e-journal/nutrition/water-and-the-athlete/, if the above link does not work.

Run well, run hard, be aware.


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