AUGUST 2-6, 2017


The Himalayan Crossing – Four best elements of this race – Unmatched Stunning Himalayan landscape, high altitude, rough terrain and extreme temperatures.  It’s a celebration of the mountain spirit. These mountains sing to you with their silence, enchant you with their color hues, and silence you with their majesty. True to its name, the route criss-crosses through mountain ranges of The Himalayas, taking you through Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys before ending on one of the toughest passes on this planet – The Rohtang La. This route cuts through mountains and splendid landscapes, is surrounded by snow capped majestic peaks, goes over two of the highest passes, Kunzum and Rohtang, extends through wide valleys, camps by high altitude lake, The Chandra Taal, and takes you to the highest village in Asia, Komic.

So what makes this route a must-do as we make it out to be? We may be masochistic to some extent, to want pain and suffer these climbs, terrain and landscape, but, we believe no runner is left untouched by the beauty, serenity, and the toughness of the route, surely asking for a repeat!

Please follow the link to each category for information and race details.






SEPT 1, 2017


In 2017, Rishikesh to Uttarkashi mountain trails will see the fourth edition of 135 mile
single stage race, through lower Himalayas, with a cumulative 34,000 + feet of climbing and just as much descent! A tough endurance mountain trail race India has seen from Globeracers’ staple, this race beckons mountain race lovers from around the world to experience lower Himalayas, ending the race in a town that is known world over for its holy settlements, the famous Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Sciences, and a little further from the town, the Gangotri, the holy town on the river Ganges. Racers will run along the river Ganges for a good portion of the race, climb over hills in the middle of the night, and take on the final challenge of climb up to Uttarkashi at the end of the race. The route cuts through spectacularly scenic villages.

Have you tested your endurance lately? Experience beautiful Himalayas in the month of September when rain soaked earth springs to life and cools the hills.



This race is a The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® qualifier for 2018 with 4 points.

                                                                                                                     BLU35                                                                                           utmb_qualifyingrace_2016_en


October 6-8, 2017

REGISTRATION CLOSES: September 1, 2017


BHATTI LAKES holds a special place in the hearts of every Globeracer. It is the first in many aspects, including being the first 100mile race of India, and also a UTMB qualifier. Many ultra runners took their first steps on their ultra running journey at Bhatti. Bhatti trail never seizes to amaze us, changing its form and appearance every year, ensuring a runner who returns to the trail has a unique experience. The trail looks and feels different during the day and night, and no matter how laps one has to run to meet their category requirement, it continue to draw the runner in, challenge the trail runner in them, and at the finish, runners, volunteers and organizes alike are looking forward to its next edition.

In 2017 we have introduced ‘The Home Loop’.

No two runs are ever the same on trails, and Bhatti Lakes’s ever changing terrain and landscape is the best example of what one experiences out on a wild trail that refuses to be tamed. True to our vision to keep you working hard on trails and no less an athlete than any other in the world, we bring to you the “Home Loop’, one that will challenge you to master trail running.

The concept of the HOME LOOP is developed keeping in mind the crazy times clocked by some of the best trail and ultra runners around the world. With Indian Ultra Runners slated to represent the country in Asian Cup and having been to Ireland recently, Globeracers, true to its commitment to the Ultra running community to keep up the challenges on home turf, brings to you the concept of a set time per loop, resetting the clock after each loop. Each 20Km loop is given 2 hours 15 minutes to complete, with a 10 minute interval between successive loops. Only those who complete the preceding loop in the set time will get to compete in the loop that follows.

Come experience this unique City Trail race that is the flagship of Globeracers and the playground of many.




NILGIRIS ULTRAutmb_qualifyingrace_2016_en



Race categories:


25/50/75/100 Kilometers

Cut – off times:

  • 100 Kms – 16 hours
  • 75 Kms – 12 hours
  • 50 Kms – 8 hours
  • 25 Kms – 4 hours

Race Schedule:

December 1, 2017

  • 100 kilometers: December 2, 2am –December 2, 6pm
  • 75 Kilometers: December 2, 2am –December 2, 2pm
  • 50 Kilometers: December 2, 6am –December 2, 2pm
  • 25 Kilometers: December 2, 6am –December 2, 10am

Race Fees:

Race Distance Race Fees  $/ ₹
25 KMs 40/2500
50 KMs 60/3600
75 KMs 70/4200
100 KMs 80/4800

What’s included in the fee?

  • Aid-station support providing water, electrolytes, and medical aid at 6.25 km intervals
  • Medal and digital certificate


No refunds but a one-time roll-over of the race fee to the next year’s race is allowed per race

Race Preparation

Please ensure you bring ample energy supplements, food, and personal medical supplies (if any are needed). You will be allowed one drop-bag at each aid station (4 for 100kms, 2 for 50kms and 75Kms, and, 1 for 25kms, which will be made available to you at aid stations you pre assign them to).

The race is semi-supported with water, electrolytes, fruits and biscuits. Plan and train well to carry water between aid-stations, have your energy and nutrition supplements on you or in your drop bags. 50Km and 100Km runners will have only one aid-station at 37.5km between 25Km and 50Km aid-stations. Plan to carry enough water and supplements between these aid-stations.

Race Guidelines

  • All participants are required to be at the start line 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start times.
  • Time guidelines for aid-stations:
    • 100 Kms
      • 25 kms, AS2 – 5 am (3 hours into the race)
      • 50 kms AS4 – 9 am (7 hours into the race)
      • 75 kms AS2 – 1 pm (11 hours into the race)
      • The finish line – 6 pm (16 hours into the race)
    • 50 kms
      • 12.5 kms, AS1 – 8.00 am (1.5 hours into the race)
      • 25 kms, AS2 – 9.30 am (3.5 hours into the race)
      • 37.5 kms, AS1 – 11.30am (5.5 hours into the race)
      • The finish line – 2.00 pm (8 hours into the race)
    • 25 kms
      • 12.5 kms, AS1 – 8 am (2 hours into the race)
      • The finish line – 10 am (4 hours into the race)
  • 50 kms and 100 kms participants are allowed to bring 2 and 4 crew members respectively for pacing and/or support. Please ensure organizers are intimated at least two weeks before the race and register your crew members so they can receive their personal crew tags on the day of the race at the race venue. No crew members will be allowed on the route without registration or their crew tags missing.
  • 100 kms and 75Kms participants should carry mandatory night running aids such as headlamps or torchlight, reflective vests or armbands and whistle.
  • Drop bags are allowed for all race participants.  All drop bags must be clearly marked with your name tag provided, bib number and aid-station number to which it is assigned.
    • 100Kms – 3 drop bags
    • 75Kms – 2 drop bags
    • 50Kms – 1 drop bag
  • Aid-stations will have water, electrolytes, salt, sugar, bananas, oranges, salty snacks, honey, candy. At some aid-stations our partners/sponsors make hot tea available throughout the race.
  • You must bring your own bottle. We will have only large containers of water and you will need to refill your running bottle/hydration pack. Remember that aid-stations are 6.25kms apart, and between 10am-4pm sun is strong and dehydration can be a cause for concern if you do not carry water in between aid-stations.

Briefing Details

Location: Briefing at YWCA Anandagiri

Date and Time: Decemer 1, 2017 @ 1.30pm

Race Location

Race will start and end at YWCA Anandgiri in Ooty. Please find race location map and route elevation details below for 100Kms, 75Kms, 50Kms and 25Kms routes respectively.

Download the GPX track for the 220Km route. (20Kms x 11 loops). Each category of the race is held on the same route and assigned appropriate number of loops to cover the total distance.



RUN OF KUTCHutmb_qualifyingrace_2016_en

FEB 2-3, 2018




XTrail categories

  • 25Kms

Ultra categories

  • 50Kms/100Kms/160Kms


Race Start time Finish time Time Limit
135 Miles TBA TBA TBA
160kms Jan 26, 7am Jan 27,  7pm 36 Hrs
100kms Jan 26, 8am Jan 27,  5am 21 Hrs
50kms Jan 27, 7am Jan 27,  3pm 8 Hrs
25kms Jan 27, 7am Jan 27,  11am 4 hrs


  • Applicants must have completed at least two 100km races in the previous 12 month period to apply for the 160km category. Please provide your running history/other relevant activity in the application if you think you may be otherwise eligible for this category.
  • Applicants must have completed at least two 50km races in the previous 12 month period to apply for the 100km category. Please provide your running history/other relevant activity in the application if you think you may be otherwise eligible for this category.
  • Applicants must have completed at least a half marathon in the previous 6 months.

Please note that every application is assessed by our team and will receive a confirmation email only if the applicant meets necessary qualifying requirements. These terms ensure no runner attempts a category of the race that they are not prepared for, without ample training and understanding of long-distance running. Please bear with us while we work towards creating a strong and fun endurance running community.  Your registration is complete only after the application is accepted and payment received.


Any race in desert conditions can test a participant’s mental and physical strength. One must be prepared to acclimatize to the prevailing weather conditions, mandated race format and familiarize oneself with information provided to complete the race in safe conditions within the set rules and terms.

  1. Run of Kutch is a semi-supported race for 160Kms and 100Kms categories – A racer must carry enough food and water to last between aid-stations, which are anywhere between 5kms and 15kms apart. One must come equipped with a hydration pack, night gear such as headlamp and reflective vest, safety gear such as a whistle, a charged cell phone and carry the GPS tracker if provided by the organizer.
  2. Run of Kutch is a single stage, continuous race: A participant must come prepared to run through the night in desert landscape. One must follow the markers on the route. When in doubt the racer must be able to retrace their steps to the last known flag and locate the next flag, and in the event of the racer not being able to locate the next flag, they must remain in the current location and seek help from the route marshals, other participants of the race or call the organizers on the numbers provided in the race kit.
  3. A racer must be aware of their surroundings at all times and in the event a racer is unable to safely proceed further and complete the race, the racer must withdraw from the race for their own safety.
  4. Organizers provide medical assistance in the form of ambulances and also have physiotherapists on hand. In case a racer is in doubt of their medical condition or is known to be hallucinating, they must seek medical help from the medical team on the route and/or withdraw from the race if their condition worsens after medical attention is provided and the racer rests adequately.
  5. If the racer arrives at the race without mandatory gear that is listed in the gear section, they will not be allowed to participate unless they are able to procure the gear prior to the race start.



Arrival at base-camp (Lakhpat for 160Kms and 100Kms runner) Jan 25, 5am –10am
Arrival at base-camp (Dhorodo for 50Kms,25Km runners) Jan 26, 5am – 10am
Pre-race briefing and bib pick-up at Lakhpat Gurudwara (160Kms and 100Kms) Jan 25: 5pm – 6pm
Dinner at Lakhpath Gurudwara Jan 25: 7pm – 8pm
Pre-race briefing and bib pick-up at Dhorodo camp (50Kms and 25Kms) Jan 26: 12pm – 1pm
Dinner at Dhorodo Camp Jan 26: 7pm – 8pm
Post-race get-together @Dhorodo for all categories Jan 26: 8pm – 10pm


We will be working with runners to raise funds for the athlete program Globeracers’ funds. You can choose to pay the entire race fee and raise funds for a cause of your own, or pay us no fee but raise funds for the Globeracers’ athletes program, which already sponsors national level athletes and international level athletes. Funds raised must be over and above the fee for your race category. We believe this program benefits not just the athletes sponsored by us, but also the runners in connecting with their friends, family, athlete community and as a bonus have their fee waived in support of athletes just as themselves who are excelling at national and international levels. If you choose to raise funds, please choose ‘Alternate Payment Method’ on the registration page and email us with your fund raising plans and details. All funds raised must match the criteria set herein and be submitted to Globeracers two weeks before the race day for your registration to be complete. If you have any questions regarding the same, please mail us at info@globeracers.com

We also accept  entries from armed personnel runners including BSF, Police, Army, Navy, CRPF, Air Force and ITB, with a deeply discounted race fee when they are recommended and registration submitted through their respective departments, with contribution from the respective services to the logistics and organization of the race.


Till October 15, 2017

  • 160 km solo: $300/Rs.18000
  • 100km: $250/Rs.15000
  • 50km: $135/Rs.8000
  • 25km: $100/Rs.6000

From October 16, 2017

  • 160 km solo: $350/Rs.21000
  • 100km: $280/Rs.16800
  • 50km: $150/Rs.9000
  • 25km: $115/Rs.6900

What’s included in the fee:

  • Water at aid-stations and nutrition.
  • Aid-stations are at 20km intervals for the 160Km, and 100Kms race and 4Kms apart on the 50Km and 25Km route
  • Medical aid through the race
  • Stay at start (Lakhpat) and end point(Dhorodo) for 160Kms and 100Kms runners Feb 9 – 11, 2017, and at Dhorodo base camp Feb 10 – 11, 2017 for 50Kms and 25Kms runners
  • Pre-race nutritious meals at the base-camp including breakfast, lunch and dinner – Feb 9 – 11, 2017
  • Post race refreshments and entertainment  on Feb 11, 2017, 8pm
  • Transfer of luggage from start point to the race end location for the 160Km and 100Km category runners (One large bag and one small supplemental bag allowed per participant)
  • Medal/memento, tee shirt and digital certificate
  • Transfer from Bhuj to Dhorodo and back to Bhuj from Dhorodo.

Not included:

Transfer from Bhuj to Lakhpat for the 160kms and 100Km runners.


Participant mandatory gear check: (Runners will not be allowed on the route without passing the gear check)

  • 2-litre hydration pack (160KMS AND 100KMS)
  • Running water bottle (50Kms and 25Kms)
  • 2 additional 700ml water bottles (160Kms and 100Kms)
  • Whistle (160Kms and 100Kms)
  • Head lamp with spare batteries  (160Kms and 100Kms)
  • Desert Cap (160Kms and 100Kms)
  • Sunglasses (All categories)
  • Sun-protective sleeves (160Kms and 100Kms)
  • Packed food to last a minimum of one day (for 100Kms and 160Kms runners)
  • Personal medicines if needed.
  • Copy of permission from authorities to be on the route (provided by the organizer)
  • Emergency medical information (160Kms and 100Kms)

Recommended gear:

  • Hiking pole
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Running gear in white
  • Gaiters for shoes
  • Road ID (Link provided above


160Kms and 100Kms runners:

  • Location:Briefing is held at Lakhpat for 160Kms and 100Kms runners.
  • Date and Time: February 9, 2017 @5.00pm

50Kms and 25Kms runners:

  • Location: Rann Utsav Tent City, Dhorodo.
  • Date and Time: February 10, 2017 @ 12pm


Travel to the race start location varies for 160kms/100kms runners and 50kms/25Kms runners. Please read instructions carefully.

For 160kms and 100Kms runners: Point of arrival is Lakhpat. Once you arrive in Bhuj, you can either take a bus or taxi to reach Lakhpat. Road travel time is between 2-3 hours. You will need to reach Lakhpat fort within which the Lakhpat Gurudwara is housed.

For 50Kms and 25Kms runners: Point of arrival is Dhorodo, Rann Utsav location. Once you arrive in Bhuj, you will have transportation to reach Dhorodo Rann Utsav. Schedule of transportation that will ply between Bhuj airport and train station to Rann Utsav location will be provided to racers closer to the date of the race. You will be required to share your arrival and departure details with us once registration closes.

Return journey: Rann Utsav vehicles can take you up to Bhuj post race, starting February 20, 2016. Taxis and shared transport are easily available from Dhorodo during this period.  Ensure you coordinate your return journey from Bhuj or Ahmedabad to accommodate travel time from Dhorodo.

Travel time to consider: 

  • Dhorodo to Bhuj: Approximate 1 hr 45 min
  • Bhuj to Ahmedabad: Approximate 5 – 6 hours.
  • Bhuj to Lakhpat: Approximate 2 -3 hours.


Travel Options:

Some travel options are provided below for your information. Please choose your convenient mode of transport.

FlyingFlying to Ahmedabad – Jet airways, Indigo, GoAir, SpiceJet Flying to Bhuj – Jet Konnect connects to Bhuj. Most airlines have their own websites or one can visit http://www.makemytrip.com orhttp://www.cleartrip.com to check available flights and booking for travel to Ahmedabad or to Bhuj. There are other travel websites as well which may provide options.

Trains: From Ahmedabad to Bhuj: Kutch Express (19131), Ala Hazrat Express (14311), BDTS Bhuj Express (19115). You can book train tickets from your start point to the destination by visitinghttp://www.irctc.co.in or seeking assistance of your travel agent.


160Km and 100Km runners

  1. Organizer-provided accommodation is at Lakhpat Guruduwara pre-race and at Dhorodo post race.
  2. Arrival at the Lakhpat Gurudwara is between 5am-10am.
  3. In case of runners quit before their race end time and require accommodation, you will be accommodated in the tents as and when you arrive at Dhorodo via organizer provided transport.

If you wish to arrive earlier than scheduled and explore the region, Gurudwara welcomes everyone to stay as many days and nights as one wishes. They recommend that you take part in Langar activities as the place is maintained and tended to by volunteers. Nirmal babaji is the head of the Gurudwara at Lakhpat and is a learned gyani with much information to share.


50 and 25Kms runners

  1. Your organizer provided accommodation is at Dhorodo.
  2. Recommended time of arrival is between 5am-10am.

If you wish to arrive earlier than scheduled and explore the region, please ensure you book your accommodation either in Bhuj or Rann Utsav on your own accord. If you wish to travel with family/friends, their accommodation has to be directly booked by you.




It is desert weather predominantly. Temperature will be in the high 30s during the day and in the low teens to single digits during the night. Dry weather conditions where dehydration and nose bleeds are common. While running on the salt flats, hot winds prevail and can cause skin burn.


There is plenty to see in the land of Kutch. Plan a visit to Koteswar, the western most tip of India. Kutch is home to ancient Harappan civilization and the local folk art and handcrafts are unique.


Please note that race location varies for 160Kms/100Kms categories and 50Kms/25Kms categories.

Race starts at Lakhpat and ends at Dhorodo for 160Kms and 50Kms categories.

Race starts and ends at Dhorodo for 50kms and 25kms categories


Following are the route maps for 160kms and 100kms courses.

160Kms Course Map. Download GPX file.

100Kms Course map. Download GPX File.