Hi all,

We love our sport – running. Was reading somewhere that the only real sport is LSD (no not the chemical kind, but Long Distance Running 🙂 ), and we can’t agree more!

Its great to see all those who want to run, run. There are those who want to, and find no means to support their desire to participate in any form of sport, especially some rural children of India. A few are out there quietly doing their bit to help these children get out and run, play and do what their heart desires. They can use your support. An initiative by Khel Vikas, the shoes4school program collects shoes from those who have shoes they can donate – used, and new, if one is willing, and provide them to children who have no means to buy a pair of shoe. You can read more about it here: http://globeracersbeta.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/shoes4schoolproposal1-2.pdf.

Send them a mail or write to us at info@globeracers.com if you want to send the shoes to us at the Bhatti Lakes Ultra and we will be glad to pool them and send them over to the organization.

If you are running the Bhatti Ultra this year, and if you can leave your worn shoes behind to be donated to these children, do let us know after your race, and leave them with us at the start point aid-station.

This is Kavitha, RD at Globeracers, and writing this personally and assure you that every pair donated will reach those intended; children in rural areas and schools where Khel Vikas is present.



Feature picture courtesy photographersrdirect. We really loved its portrayal is shared it.