The sutra to life involves healing of the mind, body and soul. The yoga week at Kaza of Spiti Valley aims to do just that, slow down the clock just enough for you to catch an extra breath!

Yoga week dates: AUGUST 26-31, 2017

Yoga teacher: Mr.Ranjay Kumar

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Open for: Adults and Children older than 5 years of age (Separate classes)

Other activity: Short treks and guides to visit local Gompas – Tabo Monastery, Key Gompa, Dhankar Monastery (A participant can undertake on their own)

Program outline: 

(We are working on meditation at the Key Gompa and Tobo Monastery with monks on two days of the week)

Day (2017) Morning 6am Evening 6 pm
AUG 26
  • Yoga
  • Discussion: Origins of yoga
AUG 27
  • Yoga
  • Discussion: Different yoga practices
Meditation and Pranayama
AUG 28
  • Yoga


AUG 29
  • Yoga
  • Discussion: Uses of yoga in our daily life
AUG 30
  • Yoga
Meditation and Pranayam
AUG 31
  • Yoga
  • Discussion: Importance of practice of yoga


During this week, you will also witness runners from around the world acclimatizing for grueling Himalayan Crossing (338Kms), The Spiti (168Kms) and The Gompa races (55Kms).



Until June 30, 2017:

  • Adults: Rs.8000/$125
  • Children (under 15 years): Rs.6000/$95

From July 1 2017:

  • Adults: Rs.9000/$140
  • Children (under 15 years): Rs.7000/$105



  1. 6 days of yoga classes
  2. Snack post class
  3. Yoga mats for the class
  4. Book of yoga
  5. Yoga tee shirt.

Fee does not include:

  1. Travel to and from RISHIKESH
  2. Stay at RISHIKESH
  3. Food during the stay
  4. Guides to visit local heritage sites or Haridwar

Things to do while in Rishikesh:

  1. Visit Haridwar
  2. Rafting in river Ganges
  3. Camping
  4. Trekking
  5. Devprayag where River Alakananda and River Bhagirathi meet.
  6. Meditation and spas