cfans_asset_349527-umn,eduSupplements for the athlete in you – Article 1.5

We travel for work, we workout, we train for races, or we just plain are lazy to pick up enough fruit and vegetable for the day. Whatever may be the reason, it becomes increasingly unmanageable to eat a healthy diet, get all the nutrients you body needs to function well and if you are an athlete, recover considerably well to take next day’s battering. Listen to your body when it complains in many ways that it can. Don’t just pop a pill and wish it away. Read on to know more, learn, and follow a well rounded diet intake. A great and resourceful article by Madhusmita Jena, our consultant nutritionist.

Water and the Athlete – Article 1.4

We trainer harder and longer, in conditions that open every pore in our body, pouring out one essential element that makes up 2/3rd of our body composition – water. Ignore it’s effect? Think not is what our nutritionist Madhusmita Jena says. Its theoretical and practical experience she shares with us, for better training days, results, recovery and understanding the pains and gains. Read on for more for implementation and results in your next run and race.

Carbohydrates and Endurance performance – Article 1.3

Our consultant nutritionist, Madhusmita Jena, thought it apt to talk about carbohydrates and carbo-loading with this being a packed race season, everyone is building it up to clock another personal best or reach one goal on their long list and, nothing can go wrong. Well, lets think that through again after reading how unprepared we can be post all that rigorous training. Nutrition, as we spoke about in our first featured article, is a key element in any athlete’s life and their goal achievement. Another key element is pre-race prep – a tapered training schedule, well rested legs/body and enough fuel in your muscles. Read on to know the abc-s of pre-race carbo-loading and sealing that thumping finish at your next race.

Self Assessment – Article 1.2

Understand one’s abilities, body type and post-activity recovery and key and the foundation for a health and prolonged active life. Knowing what is needed helps keep injuries at bay and arming an athlete/active individual with information needed to build an active/healthy life. Madhusmita details the very basics of our body types, individual risks and how to know and understand them, for prevention and solution. Read the article here to know more and ask questions.

Foundation for a healthy, active life – Understanding nutrition Article 1.1

In this article, Madhusmita Jena, our consultant nutritionist, describes in detail basics of nutrition, understanding our choices and how to keep it simple, especially through an athlete’s perspective. She is an accomplished endurance runner herself, with a learned understanding of nutrition. Read the article here

As we were about to publish this article, Madhusmita learnt that she is accepted to 2014 Boston Marathon! We can’t be proud enough of our runner, consultant and friend. Congratulations Madhusmita, and we are proud to be marking your milestone with a milestone in our e-publishing, with an article written by you, sharing your knowledge and writing from experience.