What can be  exciting in the outdoor life? Great support and interest in the sport from equipment manufacturers, athletes excited about an upcoming race, and preparations falling in to place like they should!

Team GLOBERACERS’ first sponsored event is the Indonesian Downhill Championship on October 25th, the same day Bhatti Lakes Ultra sees its first 135 Mile runners take off on their 45 hour running journey! Hero Cycles Limited has been proactive and keen on promoting cycling in India through its flagship brand and its imported cycles through Urban Trail. Team GLOBERACERS is excited to be associated with Hero Cycles and their Urban Trail brand, through which they are keen on making a difference in India’s cycling environment.

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Bhatti Lakes Ultra will see 85 runners at the start line in various categories. The race will be live on our webpage from October 25, 2013, 4pm, and on the Outdoor Journal website. Stay tuned for race progress highlights and news.