For the adventurer, the athlete and the adrenaline seeker in you; there is a race on the Globeracers’ calendar.

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[wolf_icon_with_text title=”Race Organizing” text=”Our team is always on a trail – running, scouting, investigating and setting up a race route. From city trail races to ultra-trail races, Globeracers’ team has set standards in ultra endurance sports in India since 2009. Every member is an athlete, adventurer and passionate provider of Globeracers’ services, on the ground and in the background during a race, and before a race to its athletes.” icon_position=”left” icon_type=”square” hover_effect=”fill-in” icon_animation=”yes” icon_animation_delay=”400″ icon_link=”” animation=”fadeIn”][wolf_icon_with_text icon=”line-icon-heart” title=”Athlete Services” text=”From ground up and from the time an athlete seeks us out to achieve their goals, Globearcers team enables their planning, preparation, training and execution of a race plan, in a given time frame, including financial support and raising of the funds through networking with other athletes, generous members in the community and connecting with product and services sponsors.” icon_position=”left” icon_type=”circle” hover_effect=”fill-in” icon_animation=”yes” icon_animation_delay=”600″ icon_link=”” animation=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”200″]

[wolf_icon_with_text icon=”line-icon-study” title=”Qualifying Races” text=”Globeracers is proud to be the first in India to provide entry opportunities to Race Across America (RAAM) and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). It believes an athlete needs to have opportunities to dream higher, dream bigger and achieve goals that they set for themselves. While both these races are the main focus at GR for qualifying parameters; it strives to provide the best for its athletes in all events.” icon_position=”left” icon_type=”circle” hover_effect=”fill-in” icon_animation=”yes” icon_animation_delay=”800″ icon_link=”” animation=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”400″][wolf_icon_with_text icon=”line-icon-lab” title=”Globeracers’ Fund” text=”While continuing to help athletes to raise funds through its association with product manufacturers and individuals, Globeracers itself sponsors athletes through its own means every year. Though funds are scarce, Globeracers ensures every penny donated is put to good use by its athletes. It is a matter of immense pride at Globeracers that many of its beneficiaries, both riders and runners, have goneo n to achieve acclaim in races they have participated in. Globeracers aims to set up further associations with product manufacturers and substantiate the contribution with a pool funded by GR races that are organized every year.” icon_position=”left” icon_type=”circle” hover_effect=”fill-in” icon_animation=”yes” icon_animation_delay=”400″ icon_link=”” animation=”fadeIn”]

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“][wolf_team_member photo=”4137″ name=”Harveen Singh” role=”LOGISTICS DIRECTOR” facebook=”” tagline=”


[wolf_team_member photo=”4167″ name=”Abhijit Yeole” role=”ROUTE DIRECTOR” facebook=”” twitter=”” tagline=”

“][wolf_team_member photo=”1958″ name=”Madhusmita Jena” role=”NUTRITION CONSULTANT” facebook=”” tagline=”

“][wolf_team_member photo=”4317″ name=”Rashmi B Nayar” role=”MEDIA DIRECTOR” facebook=”” tagline=”


[wolf_team_member photo=”3432″ name=”Avinash Pratap Singh” role=”ASST RACE DIRECTOR” facebook=”” tagline=”

“][wolf_team_member photo=”4159″ name=”Goutham Shankar” role=”CREATIVE PARTNER” facebook=”” twitter=”” instagram=”” tagline=”


Globeracers races explore trail routes that no one else ventures on to, distances that don’t confirm to a norm, formats that push the envelope of endurance and test the very nature of an endurance athlete. What’s your ultra-desire?


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Follow us on the trails, on foot and on two-wheels. Watch the Video on the right and, click the link below for more images and videos.

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