Wow. We thought we didn’t have this video any more, having lost all data on an external hard drive. Thanks to our friend Manish, who was our official videographer for our first trail race in the biggest desert of India, The Thar Desert of Rajasthan, we have this awesome visual record of the magnificent race from Globeracers’ desert series. 6 different countries the first year, 5 stages, 210kms of pure running through desert landscape, ending the days in desert camps, palaces or havelis in small majestic towns of the desert, food to suit a runner’s needs, and pampering that came in the form of some terrific volunteers. What a great experience it was, and glad to have found this at a time we are working hard to make each race a spectacularly magnificent experience for the runners. Reminds us of our roots and our promise – to see India on foot, one corner and one breathtaking location at a time, with races that are of international standards and a challenge that leaves a runner wanting to come back 🙂

Here is the link to the video: