The Globeracers QUAD

It gets exciting with a whole year of races, starting in February and finishing the year in December. With two 160Kms and two 100kms races, the quad series tests your resilience, endurance and commitment to stay on course! And yes, to have fun along the way!


  1. Races: Run of Kutch, Rain Ultra (North East), Bhatti Lakes Ultra and Nilgiris Ultra.
  2. Distances: 160Kms, 100Kms, 160Kms, 100Kms respectively
  3. Locations: Gujarat, Assam (or one of the NE states), Delhi/Faridabad, Ooty respectively.
  4. Race dates: February, June/July, October, December
  5. Points: 25 for the first finisher, 24 for the second finisher and points are awarded similarly until the first ten places.
  6. Categories: Male, Female, Under 30, Under 45, Veteran
  7. Total fee: Rs.30,000($480 if paying via Paypal from overseas) before September 30, 2015 and Rs.35,000 ($570) from October 1, 2015.
  8. Race fee is discounted for all runners. No additional discounts apply.
  9. Last date for registration for the quad series December 15, 2015.
  10. The first race of the Quad is Run of Kutch on February 19, 2016.


  1. All 4 races need to be signed up in one go
  2. If a race is missed, you forfeit the fee and may slide in the rankings.
  3. Maximum points one can be awarded: 100
  4. Minimum points one can be awarded: 64
  5. A runner has to complete the race within the stipulated cut-off time to be awarded points until the 10th position in a race.
  6. The final race of the year, Nilgiris Ultra will determine the winner of the Quad for the year.
  7. Points have to be accumulated in one calendar year, that is, starting with Run of Kutch in February and ending with Nilgiris Ultra in December.

To register for the Quad, follow the webscorer link here: Webscorer-150