From ground up and from the time an athlete seeks us out to achieve their goals, Globeracers’ team enables their planning, preparation, training and execution of a race plan, in a given time frame, including financial support and raising of the funds through networking with other athletes, generous members in the community and connecting with product and services sponsors.

The following sports are supported and budget for each is provided.

Sport Number of Athletes Athlete budget/yearRupees/Dollars Yearly budget 2014Rupees/Dollars Total budgetRupees/Dollars
Running 8  3 Lakh/$5500 24 Lakhs/$44000 24 Lakhs/$44000
Cycling 8  5 Lakh/$9100 40 Lakhs/$72800 40 Lakhs/$72800
Swimming Yet to be determined  N/A  N/A  N/A

Budget includes training cost, monthly food cost, purchase of equipment for cyclists, purchase of apparel and shoes, internal and external travel to races, and health management and maintenance. Aim to train athletes under the guidance of experienced and certified coaches who currently train international athletes in running, cycling and swimming.

This is a beginning and let us create a sustainable support system that enables talented athletes in their goal pursuits. Once the target fund raising is reached for each athlete, they will enter the training program and, their progress, achievements, setbacks and triumphs, and plans will be documented and posted here each quarter.

Currently, cyclists participate in races within India. They will be trained and encouraged to tour Asian circuit races starting 2014. Budget for the same is included in the yearly budget. If you wish to know more, please write to us at

If you know individuals and organizations/trusts that donate generously to sports, please send them this link, and/or connect them with us via an email. You can write to us at

We are a private organization and not a non-profit. We strive to achieve excellence through sports, and our race proceeds and work labor is donated to progress of sports and training of athletes.

If you wish to sponsor an event or an athlete, please reach us via this form. We will connect with you at the earliest.