September 30, 2013:

Building on understanding nutrition, Madhusmita Jena writes about understanding one’s body, assessing it and creating a healthy thriving environment for self leading to a positively active life.

From our experiences, there is never a better way than to first understand one’s previous and current state of the body and structure an affective activity schedule that can define and change the way forward. Read on, understand and shoot us your questions.

September 16, 2013:

Globeracers’ publication kicks off with focus on nutrition, key to any active person’s healthy life. Our consultant nutritionist, Madhushmita Jena, who is a trained nutritionist, currently working at Gold’s Gym in Cairo, speaks about understanding nutrition, dos and don’ts and a guide to a healthy and balanced training life for an athlete.

What more? Madhusmita will be at the starting line of Boston Marathon in April 2014, after a sweat streaked journey to qualify and receiving the acceptance email! We are proud to be bringing her experience to all those in a simple yet practical approach to a balanced diet. Read more here:

For consultation and advice on nutrition, diet, healthy eating and training methods, you can write to Madhusmita at

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