Training and Fitness

There is always more we can do to get to that higher fitness levels, more body tone, more muscle and all that we desire 🙂 But ensure your goals and fitness levels are in line with your coach/trainer’s instructions before you use any of the video’s we share from Runner’s World coaches.

If you aren’t an active individual, start slow and build slowly as well. Ensure aren’t setting yourself up for failure and/or giving up by setting your initial goals too high and elaborate. Your mind and body will respond well to a reasonably set goal, especially when results show in a month or two. That timeline is okay. Enjoy your workouts and more power to you!


1. Strength Training – An essential part of any training regimen by Madhusmita Jena

With every training program comes the challenge of maintaining focus on a balanced regimen, which includes essential training sessions, cross training and without a doubt, core and strength training. In this article, Madhusmita Jena, our consultant nutritionist and trainer, addresses misconceptions and speaks about benefits and methods of strength training. Read on to know more and write to her at if you have any questions or to seek her advice.


2. Joint Mobility – Runner’s World article and Video

Joint mobility for runners is just as important as flexibility, and is often ignored. Read on and watch the video by Runner’s World to learn and run injury free.


3. Runner’s butt – Runner’s world article and Video

Possibly ignored muscles that play an important role in a runner’s performance and injury free running. Read on and watch the video to incorporate simple training elements in your day to day training schedules.


4.Train to recover, don’t recover to train.

If you train regularly and have tried a new workout or pushed the miles, you may felt muscles that you didn’t know existed. If you thought waiting it out before giving it the next push, read this before you sit it out for recovery.