Bhatti Lakes Ultra – 2013, 4th Edition

Bhatti Lakes Ultra - 2013, 4th Edition

There is nothing better than sport that brings so many unbending individuals together, in harmony! Addicted! Pure and powerful! Bhatti Lakes Ultra has come a long way since 2010, and we are happy to be in the front seats and watch the community grow, support its runners, and encourage runners to go the endurance way. Simply AWESOME running this!

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0 thoughts on “Bhatti Lakes Ultra – 2013, 4th Edition

    1. Kavitha 6 years ago

      Yep. Are you not gonna make it to volunteer?

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  2. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Hey kavitha, pl add company which sell all excellent products necessary for running if possible.

    1. Kavitha 6 years ago

      We soon will do a review of some products, including shoes, watches, and running wear. Right now quite tied up with the race coming up in two weeks. Once the review is done, we will do a blog post. You can sign up for the web updates on our website and you will receive an email with what’s happening at Globeracers.

      Happy running.