Globeracers’ team is ever present in the background from the time an athlete comes onboard, every step of the way, till the athlete goes over and beyond their set targets. The team, now your team, takes ownership of planning, milestones, intermittent review of goals and milestones, fund raising, training support, nutrition support, media, race day essential planning and race day execution. In short, you train, eat, recover and repeat. Your team will train, eat, and recover once you achieve your goals.

We have earlier worked with, in full and in part, with Arun Bharadwaj, Samim Rizvi, Brijmohan Sharma (Breeze Sharma), Inderpal Khalsa, Kieren DSouza and athletes who have just started to set goals.

Below we have tabulated services provided to athletes, funds and products received from those who have generously supported the program over the years.

Services provided through our Athlete Services program 

Athlete Services Sponsored by Period
Arun Bharadwaj Race fee and race support for Thar Desert Ultra 2009 Globeracers 2009
Arun Bharadwaj Race fee Globeracers Bhatti Lakes 2010
Samim Rizvi Race entry and logistics Globeracers RAAM 2011
Samim Rizvi Race entry and logistics Globeracers RAAM 2012
Breeze Sharma Training Globeracers Himalayan Crossing 2014
Kieren DSouza Apparel and Shoes Wildcraft Training and UTMB 2015 race
Kieren Dsouza GPS Suunto India/AS Creations UTMB 2015
Kieren Dsouza Shoes Salomon India/AS Creations UTMB 2015
Inderpal Khalsa Shoes Globeracers/AS Creations Training and racing 2015
Kieren Dsouza Funds AS Creations/Globeracers 2015
Alfredo Miranda RUNN test products Unived/Globeracers 2014
Nagaraj Harsha RUNN test products Unived/Globeracers 2014
Shibani Gharat RUNN test products Unived/Globeracers 2015
Kieren Dsouza Rs.25000  AS Creations/Globeracers  2015
Bhupendrasing Rajput Rs.25000 Globeracers/GR Hall of Fame. 2015


Donor Amount Received Utilized Reference/Remarks
OnMobile $10,000 2011 Yes RAAM 2011
Bindu Krishnan Rs.50,000 2011 Yes RAAM 2011
Rotary Bangalore Rs.50,000 2012 Yes RAAM 2012
Anonymous donor Rs.10,000 2012 Yes RAAM 2012
Venkat and Jhansi Kanaparthi $20,000 2011/2012 Yes RAAM 2011 and 2012
Kavitha Krishnappa $2000 2012 Yes RAAM 2012
Arun Katiyar $150 2015 Yes RAW 2016 race entry
Anuradha Yerukola $200 2015 Yes RAW 2016 race entry
Usha Prasad Bhatia Rs.600 2014 Yes Shoes – Inderpal
Usha Prasad Bhatia Rs.650 2015 Yes Shoes – Inderpal
Lovekesh Uppal Rs.3,500 2015 Yes Shoes – Inderpal

If you are an athlete and want to discuss your goals, reach out to us.