From paper trails on the trails to automated systems, its been one long trail journey for folks at Globeracers! 🙂 Not all trails will tell you the tales, but, some have been magnificently colorful! In 2009, the year we established Globeracers and graduated from fun running to serious trail and ultra running. The first of our events, with a close group of runners, was the Sandakphu run, a 80 Km 4 day event that was truly fun and exhilarating. With the first organized international race in December 2009, the Thar Desert Race, globe racing truly became the spirit of Globeracers.

Every year, there is something new to learn, to implement, to work with, and to discover. With each step forward, there has never been a dull moment! With expenses always on the tops and collections on the rock bottom, given the still-nascent ultra running in India, charges had to kept low, deliverables high and patience had to be stocked like it was going out of fashion tomorrow! Yet, rewards have been rich. We have the distinction of being the first ultra running company in India, having qualified several runners for international races, introduced ultra running to India, responsible for mushrooming ultra running companies :), among a host of many other first this team has been responsible for. We just do it, and we are loving it, as a combination of Nike and McDs would be singing 🙂

With several hiccups along the way involving timing, and the host of solutions available not quite suitable for pure ultra running, we have been scouting around for solutions and one that stood out for some not too remote locations where connectivity isn’t too bad, is Webscorer ( With a host of other solutions implemented for other areas of race management, we are now implementing Webscorer solutions for registration, race timing and result publication. Stay tuned for updates on the same.

We have some real cool representative logos for each race and it has been great team work with Abhijit Yeole in achieving those results, where ideas are churned and turned to digital representations of what each race represents. Some changes/additions to the processes and team, have had very little conceivable results, but very much needed, and a few very minor changes/additions have produced tremendous results. So, everything that is positive is needed, no matter how small or big its effect/result. We are thankful for the support and team work that makes Globeracers the respected establishment that it is.

What’s next? Himalayan Crossing in July 2014, and Uttarkashi 135 in August 2014 that we are thrilled to have back on the calendar after previous year’s floods.

To learn more about races and plan for your training, here is the link to the race calendar:

Be a runner. Be a Globeracer. Travel to the world’s remotest regions in the pretext of running, cycling, swimming, tri-ing 🙂


From all the Globeracers, we wish you the best, and thank you for the support through the years.