Running Ultras – By Shshank Pundir

Shshank Pundir the Ultra Runner. Nothing more we need to say other than share his story, written by him, to showcase the grueling yet satisfying life of an ultra runner. ...


Bhatti Lakes Ultra 2014

I had an interesting conversation on my flight back to Bangalore after Bhatti Lakes, one which had me thinking if whether ultra runners are really masochistic or if we just ...


The Philosophy of Yoga

06 June, 2014. Article: 3.2 Authored by Ranjay Kumar. The Philosophy of Yoga The concept of Yoga is both a widely understood and much misunderstood. Yoga has also evolved. As ...




We wanted to share our runners’ and riders’ thoughts post each race ...
Globeracers Bhatti Mines Race

Featuring runners

Tanvir Kazmi, who will be chasing the 24-hour deadline at Bhati coming ...
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Presenting GLOBERACER Racing, the amateur-pro team that is gearing for some strong ...

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RunofKutchElevation - Atul

Run of Kutch – As experienced by Atul Karwal

A captivating account of the Globeracers’ Run of Kutch ultratrail race by Atul Karwal who ran 100kms in the second edition of the race on February 06, 2015. This was the 100 km Kutch ultra-marathon organized by Globeracers that I had enrolled in and prepared for – for the past several months. Aside from the […]

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Who we are

Globeracers’ is a group of endurance athletes with focus on identifying, training and promoting athletes in the sport of running and cycling, and, organizing ultra endurance races in India.  It intends to expand on its multi-day races, 24/48 series and a major long distance cycling event covering over 5000kms. It also aims to introduce minimal […]

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