Bhatti Lakes Ultra 2014

I had an interesting conversation on my flight back to Bangalore after Bhatti Lakes, one which had me thinking if whether ultra runners are really masochistic or if we just ...


The Philosophy of Yoga

06 June, 2014. Article: 3.2 Authored by Ranjay Kumar. The Philosophy of Yoga The concept of Yoga is both a widely understood and much misunderstood. Yoga has also evolved. As ...


Globeracers’ Run of Kutch – Never lose a runner in the ‘Rann’

Gurudwara, Fort Lakhpat 7:15am, 14 March 2014 As the near full moon flooded the landscape with its white light; runners, volunteers and organizers left behind an unbelievably quiet and relaxed ...




We wanted to share our runners’ and riders’ thoughts post each race ...
Globeracers Bhatti Mines Race

Featuring runners

Tanvir Kazmi, who will be chasing the 24-hour deadline at Bhati coming ...
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Presenting GLOBERACER Racing, the amateur-pro team that is gearing for some strong ...

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THIR – THAT’S HOW I ROLL, @ The Himalayan Crossing

That’s How I Roll. Sitting on a rock, one runner’s mind kept running even though her legs refused to budge after getting lost in the water race segment of a 100-mile race. She was cold, her light went out and as if on cue, she twisted and broke a bone in her ankle. Weather gods […]

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Yoga – Wellness and Life of an athlete

14 May, 2014. Article: 3.1 Authored by Ranjay Kumar. YOGA AS A WAY OF LIFE Yoga is a holistic approach to live a healthy and fulfilled life. In today’s fast paced life and stressed environment, it has become an essential tool for people across the world. Regular practice of yoga not only ensures physical fitness, […]

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5 years of Ultra Racing in India

From paper trails on the trails to automated systems, its been one long trail journey for folks at Globeracers! :) Not all trails will tell you the tales, but, some have been magnificently colorful! In 2009, the year we established Globeracers and graduated from fun running to serious trail and ultra running. The first of […]

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Riding the RAAM way – Ultra Cycling and Ultra BOB

Three editions and three RAAM qualified riders later, Globeracers’ Ultra BOB (short for Bangalore-Ooty-Bangalore) picked up speed with more riders learning about RAAM, getting the taste of endurance cycling via randonneuring events and, stepping it up with a target that would have eyes popping. Its no mean feat to even think of riding 610 Kms […]

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Kicking it up a notch with Strength Training this Summer

With every training program comes the challenge of maintaining focus on a balanced regimen, which includes essential training sessions, cross training and without a doubt, core and strength training. Madhusmita Jena, a trained and practicing nutritionist, addresses misconceptions and speaks about benefits and methods of strength training. Read on to know more and write to […]

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Globeracers’ The Thar Desert Run 2009 – Greatest deserts of India

Wow. We thought we didn’t have this video any more, having lost all data on an external hard drive. Thanks to our friend Manish, who was our official videographer for our first trail race in the biggest desert of India, The Thar Desert of Rajasthan, we have this awesome visual record of the magnificent race […]

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Run of Kutch – Another spectacular Globeracers’ race

Amazing, breathtaking (literally and figuratively), challenging….we are going to run out of adjectives, but Globeracers’ Run of Kutch is going to be a spectacular race you do not want to miss. The route tells a story, of history gone by, of calamities that changed the course of history and the kingdoms that ruled and perished – There are […]

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Supplements for the athlete in you!

NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS Nutritional values unfortunately are often overlooked during the course of a busy life. Nutrition is most often resorted to when we are faced with challenges of obesity or a medical condition that necessitates a change of diet and/or lifestyle. Essentially, nutrition comes as an ‘aftermath to ill health’ rather than a ‘precursor to […]

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Diary of a Running Diva – Priya Vaidyanathan

After every race, we hear from our runners. Some, detailed, and some with a simple outline of the good and the bad. We love all of it. Good things at the race happen through dedication of many and the few bad things, some times, are caused by negligence of just one. Yet, we try and […]

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